From the very beginning of setting my carrier, had a dream to link global trade and have the globe in hand to conquer obstacle and success in business. By dint of my hard and cordial efforts, by the grace and favor of almighty ALLAH the merciful. My dream comes true by setting up M/S Jaycee shipping Agency with a little capital in 1977. Side by side stevedoring House M/S United Trading Company was also setup and started operation works in full swing. To set up a dock yard was my long time plan which now setting proposed Chittagong Marine Dockyard.

The Jaycee Shipping Agency is now providing Agency services to the Vessels of Different Principals and regularly handing Tramp and Liner Vessels and earned good name, fame and Confidence of the Owners/Principals. Presently we are handling 30 to 35 foreign ships both Tramp and Liner Vessels in a year.

On the other hand United Trading Company is working at Chittagong Port Authority (CPA) with enlistment as Master Stevedores. United Trading Company is handling a good quantity of half million tons cargoes in a year.

Our Transportation (Carrying) sector is playing a vital role in the inland carrying in water territories of Bangladesh. We are carrying a good quantity of about 1.5 lac Tons in a year of import cargo to the Inland River ports of our country with our own Vessels and charter Vessels and our 100% export oriented textile sector play a vital role in national economy by earning a lot of foreign currency exporting 15 (fifteen Million) Pcs of readymade garment per year. In short we are serving in International and local Shipping, C&F, Stevedoring and other transportation related activities.

By grace of Almighty Allah, Jaycee Group of Company enter into a golden Era in business world by receiving the century International quality Era Award -2004(Golden Category) in Shipping Business at Geneva, Switzerland on 5th April, 2004. On the way of prosperity our skilled Executives, Employees and the Management are investing their best efforts for making it silkier.

On the eve of New Millennium I am taking an opportunity to thank all of my Employees, Executive, Management and Bankers.